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Decentralized derivatives exchange

Trade and Inspire. It's fxdx

A trustless, permissionless, and non-custodial trading platform that enables you to trade derivatives such as perpetuals and take on leverage without having to worry about manipulation!

Why fxdx?

Today's currency exchanges are predominantly centralized and have been proven to be vulnerable to security breaches as they operate as custodians for customers. Consequently, several centralized exchanges (CEX) have been accused of wash trading, price manipulation, and trading against traders by taking advantage of the lack of transparency in their internal operations.

fxdx is a Web 3.0 trustless open-sourced decentralized exchange.

fxdx opens doors to a fairer and more accessible financial system open to anyone. We see a global permit-free market that can improve what is available today and fundamentally update how we upgrade economic tools to deliver better results for everyone. fxdx responds to the centralization and inequality in the current financial markets

Lightning fast trades

Trades execute on our platform instantly and settle in a matter of seconds

Audited smart contracts

Our code will be audited by several audit firms and published publicly on a frequent basis

Low transaction fees

We have a tiered and incentivized fees; that is, higher the trade value, lower is the fees and if you use $fxdx to pay, you get a discount!


Maintain control of your own keys and assets with our non-custodial solution

Minimizes liquidation

Positions that become under-collateralized are only liquidated partially to bring up margin %

Maximizes gains

Leverage your trade to maximize your returns as the crypto rally or crash

Open source

Built on the Open Web - we’re committed to the development of open source code

Fully transparent

We are fully decentralize and an open book. We don't trade against our traders like our centralized counterparts

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